Build Your Joyful Business Retreat

November 2-5, 2023 | Brevard, North Carolina

Join us in the mountains!

Is your business a burden or a joyful journey?


Here you are, building a business, and that shit is hard.

You’re working past weariness, making serious sacrifices, and taking on the righteous risks of being your own (and maybe other people’s) boss.

There are simpler ways to get by in life, but you wanted more. More... what? What can, what might, what will make it all worth your hard work and worry?

We suggest there's only one worthy answer: creating a life of abundant joy.

Your work can be a wellspring.


Your business can be a wellspring of profound and abundant joy.

Your work can nurture a life of growth and introspection, of widening perception and loving connections. A meaningful life. A wide-awake life. A life of generosity, gratitude, and grace.

How? How can you shape your business, shape your life such that joy rises up within your heart and flows throughout your being?

We have some thoughts…

Let’s go to the mountains and dream together.


This November, we'll gather in North Carolina, about 35 miles southeast of Asheville. Here in the “Land of Waterfalls” (more than 250 in the area), nestled in the beautiful mountains between Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Recreational Forest, we'll retreat together to design your business for joy.

You’ll craft a crystal clear vision of what joy means for you. You’ll look at what’s lacking in your business and what’s getting in your way. You’ll dream of what could be for you, then plot how to bring that dream into your working world. 

Oh my gosh, SIGN ME UP!

Our small group retreat is gender-inclusive, all-inclusive, for any entrepreneur on a journey toward joy.

What to Expect: The Vibe

During our three delicious days together, we'll guide you through some activities and facilitated discussions. Be prepared for a little light wisdom and lots of strategic advice about brand growth, financial management, marketing, sales, operations, and all the other business burdens that can, with deliberate design, become catalysts for your sustainable satisfaction. 

Together, we’ll burn our burdens in a bonfire and roast marshmallows over the flaming remains of our tolerations. We’ll call out our questions to the stars and ask the moon to bear witness to our dearest desires.

We’ll dine on decadent delights and share some sweet surprises too.

By the end of the weekend, we hope you'll fall more in love with your business than you even dreamed possible.

What to expect: The Details

Our retreat is all-inclusive, which means you get:

  • Accommodations in our private, modern cabin in Brevard, North Carolina for 2 days and 3 nights. (We’ll send you the exact address after you register!)
  • All meals, snacks, and beverages – both non-alcoholic and alcoholic – throughout the retreat.
  • Two full days of group workshops, business coaching, and other joyful activities (it can't be ALL work and no play around here!)
  • Space to laugh, cry, and brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs who get it.

Simply show up on Thursday at 5pm and let us take care of you for the weekend. You'll leave on Sunday morning feeling refreshed and ready to build your joyful business!

That sounds amazing, LET'S GOOOO!

“Holy shit, this retreat was the best weekend of my life.”


- You, hopefully, on November 5 after going home

(sorry, we couldn't resist!)

Ready to join us for a life-changing weekend?

Due to size constraints, we're capped at 6 participants who prefer a solo room. We also have 2 spots available in a shared room with two twin beds.

Registration closes October 15.

I want a solo room!


Pay-in-Full Option

  • Private bedroom with a queen or king bed
  • Shared bathroom
  • All lodging, meals, and activities included
  • Payment plans available - click here
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Can't wait to meet my new roomie!


Pay-in-Full Option

  • Shared bedroom with a twin bed
  • Shared bathroom
  • All lodging, meals, and activities included
  • Payment plans available - click here
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Meet Your Retreat Hosts

Tom Bell

Joyful Branding Wizard

Meet Tom!

Michelle Waymire

Abundance Expert

Meet Michelle!

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